You know those golf magazines and websites that paint a glorious picture of seemingly every course featured in their pages, making them all sound like Pebble Beach? This isn’t one of them. Nor is it a course review website that just gives you numbers – yardage, slope, and rating. If you’re looking for fluff and generic descriptions, go elsewhere. What you’ll find here is honesty. The things that matter when you’re looking for a place to play.

This past March, my friends and I took our annual trip to South Florida to partake in Spring Training baseball, the Honda Classic at PGA National, and a few rounds of our own. We wanted to find courses that we hadn’t played in the three years that we had previously visited the area. We found lots of options online, but knew nothing about them. Were they well-maintained? Did they have a driving range? Were they overpriced? Did their fairways bear a closer resemblance to a goat track?

Unfortunately we could not find these answers anywhere. And then it hit me: in the fifteen or so years that I’ve played golf in the Tri-State area, other than word of mouth, I’ve had no point of reference for golf courses. Sure,  once in a blue moon, a golf writer will post a review of a new course in the area (Pound Ridge, for example). But otherwise, if you want to find straight forward reviews with the things that matter to most golfers (like restaurant reviews for foodies), you’re in the dark. Here’s my attempt to fill that void.

Over the years, I’ve played hundreds upon hundreds of courses across the country – most of them in the Tri-State area, where I live.  I’ve accumulated a database in my brain and have finally decided to put my keen observatory skills and passion for golf to use.

I grew up in Scarsdale, New York, playing the Westchester County Courses like Saxon Woods and Maple Moor. Sadly, these were my first golf experiences.

Since graduating from Syracuse University (not a exactly a “prime” golf region), I’ve been working in the sports industry (I’m the Director of Sports Broadcasting at IF Management –, which has allowed me lots of opportunities to play (entertaining clients, etc.) and gain access to many courses both around the NYC area and nationwide.

I caught the golfing “bug” in Hilton Head, South Carolina about four years ago (picture above from Daufuskie Island) and haven’t looked back.  I play whenever I can – two-to-three times per week if possible (and yes, with that many reps, I probably should be better than my 13 handicap).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my perspective and find it honest and helpful.

Good luck and hit ’em straight.

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