Guest Guru: Seth Davis

It’s that time of year again. Midnight Madness starts TONIGHT on campuses all across the country, marking the unofficial start to College Hoops 2013 (which for Syracuse fans like myself, is also known as the sad and tragic final year of the Big East as we know it). We haven’t seen our Guest Guru Seth Davis since “One Shining Moment,” and we’ve missed him. Welcome back into our lives, old friend.

If you’re a college hoops fan and not fully acquainted with the magic of Seth, chances are you live under a rock (and not the kind that bounces). He’s a triple threat: must read (at, must follow (on Twitter), and must watch (on CBS Sports’ college hoops coverage). In a world of screamers (read: Dick Vitale), Seth is a smart, thoughtful voice who has cut through the clutter and risen to the top of his profession in two different fields (print and broadcast). A Duke grad (and unabashed Coach K fan), Seth also has serious street cred for going back to sleep away camp at the age of 29 and writing a book about it. He also has my undying admiration for his twitter avatar: a picture of himself with The Boss.

So what does this possibly have to do with golf? It’s one of Seth’s non-hoops passions. He grew up playing, covered the sport for SI, and even won a Golf Writers Association Award for a feature on John Daly. The game is in his blood…even if that blood is Duke Blue.

More on Seth’s golf game and his golf stories below – and follow-him (it’s essential) on Twitter here.



THE WEIRDEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON A GOLF COURSE… “Well, I didn’t see this myself, but I’ll give testimony to my late grandfather. He loved to tell the story about playing the ninth hole at his club. It was a very short par four with an island green. He was playing a match with a friend of his, and after he hit his ball on the green, a bird walked up to it, picked up the ball in his mouth and threw it in the water. My grandfather said he told his opponent, “I can beat you, but I can’t beat you AND God.”

IF I COULD PLAY ONE ROUND WITH A PGA TOUR PLAYER, IT WOULD BE… “Bubba Watson. I just find him refreshingly authentic.”


IF I COULD PLAY ONE ROUND OF GOLF WITH ANY COLLEGE BASKETBALL COACH IT WOULD BE… “Mike Krzyzewski. First of all, I’m a Duke grad. Second, Coach K doesn’t play golf, so I know I can beat him.”

MOST AMAZING THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME ON A GOLF COURSE: “Actually, it’s a tie. During my very first year covering The Masters for Sports Illustrated, I was selected in the media lottery to play Augusta that Monday. My approach to the first hole hit the flagstick and dropped next to the cup. I tapped in for birdie. I shot 39 on the front. Don’t ask about the back.

The other amazing thing happened during our annual Sports Illustrated outing a couple of years ago near Jack McCallum’s house. Probably the best ball-striking round of my life. On a par 5 on the front, I hit it on the green in two, but one of my opponents, Michael Bamberger, chipped in for eagle. That meant I had to make a 40 foot putt for eagle just to halve the hole. You guessed it: I did!

Three holes later, I reached another par 5 in two, but this time I was three feet away. I made that for my second eagle on the front nine. I think I only have about four or five eagles in my entire life.”

MY 150-YARD CLUB… “8 iron (with a little helping wind)”

THE GOLF COURSE THAT HAS THE MOST MEMORIES FOR ME… “I mentioned my grandfather earlier. I used to love visiting him at his condo in Hollywood, Fla., called Hillcrest. I actually played with him during the last round of his life. My most treasured golf memory.”

MY FAVORITE GOLF COURSE IN THE TRI-STATE AREA… “I’ve played Winged Foot a few times and really enjoyed it, but I gotta go here with Pine Valley. I only played it once, but it was truly an experience. A classic no-tricks course but some really spectacular images.”

THE HARDEST SHOT FOR ME TO HIT ON A GOLF COURSE… “I suck out of the sand. Which is surprising considering how often I’m in it.”



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