Guest Guru: Seth Greenberg

Play a round of golf with Seth Greenberg and you’ll quickly realize why he was a two-time ACC Basketball Coach of the Year.

You’ll get some course strategy, perhaps an alignment tip or two, and yes…the occasional coach’s pep talk. And when he hits a rare bad shot (Seth is a single-digit handicapper), he unleashes the fury ordinarily saved for a ref after a ticky-tack foul call (we’ve all seen him make plenty of faces like this over the years).

In October, Seth officially joins ESPN’s college hoops team – his first full-time TV gig – and the first time in more than three decades that his “team” will not be on-the-court. The former Virginia Tech, South Florida, and Long Beach State Head Coach will be bringing his larger-than-life personality to the World Wide Leader, where he’ll break down hoops in the studio, on games, on the radio, and across ESPN’s multitude of other platforms. Basically, get ready for a lot of Seth time.

Until then, Seth may be coming to a golf course near you (with a whistle, perhaps, in hand).

As you’ll see below, while basketball might be where Seth has made his name, golf occupies a special place in the heart of the Long Island native.

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THE WEIRDEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON A GOLF COURSE… “In Hawaii on the Nike coaches trip watching UNC Wilmington’s [Head Coach] Buzz Peterson make a double eagle then followed it up with a hole-in-one. Although the hole-in-one was after knocking his first drive in the drink! The guy’s just not that good!”

IF I COULD PLAY ONE ROUND WITH A PGA TOUR PLAYER, IT WOULD BE… “Tiger Woods. It would be like hoopin’ with Jordan or taking batting practice with Jeter.”

IF I COULD PLAY ONE ROUND OF GOLF WITH A CELEBRITY, IT WOULD BE… “Kevin Costner; Tin Cup no laying up in that round!”

IF I COULD PLAY ONE ROUND OF GOLF WITH A COACH, IT WOULD BE… “Any coach that would take me to play Augusta!”

THE AMAZING THING ABOUT GOLF IS… “that it looks so easy and in reality is so hard. No other sport can have TWO competitors hit the same shot from the same place, but because of the elements have a different outcome. In golf every shot is unique – no two shots are the same. A putt is affected by the speed of the ball in relation to the line. The challenges are endless.”


MY 150-YARD CLUB… “7-Iron”

THE GOLF COURSE THAT HAS THE MOST MEMORIES FOR ME… “Lake Success Country Club. I caddied there from my freshmen year of high school to my senior year of college. Caddying introduced me to the game of golf. It also taught me the value of hard work. Waking up at 5AM to get to the caddie yard in time to get a good loop. It was also my first introduction to the value of networking and developing people skills. Spending four hours on a golf course with someone who is struggling taught me how to communicate, motivate and get players to get to the next play. Watching people conduct business on the course showed me you can use golf as a tool to develop relationships.”

MY FAVORITE GOLF COURSE IN THE TRI-STATE AREA…Bethpage Black, Bethpage State Park. Growing up on Long Island, I have vivid memories of getting in-line in the middle of the night to get a chance to get an early tee time. My friends would take turns sleeping in the car while the others would go to breakfast. The reward: a 6hour and 30 min. round on the Black. My second favorite: The Golf Club of Avon (CT)! They accepted me as a member! 27 holes!”

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