REPORT: Former Ridgeway Country Club Looks Like a Bomb Hit It


From greens to gross.  According to residents in White Plains and Scarsdale, the land formerly known as Ridgeway Country Club has become a dangerous eyesore. reports that neighbors to the property, which was purchased by the French-American School of New York (FASNY) for $11 million back in January, have lodged numerous complaints to City Hall, calling the area “unkempt,” “sloppy,” and “haphazard.”  Furthermore, they cite a lack of security, and say that “youth mischief and trespassing” have increased since FASNY took over.   Not surprisingly, FASNY disputes these claims and says the property is being kept just fine.

The area has been a site of club/recreational activity since 1912 when it was known as the “Gedney Farm Hotel.”  Ten years later, the “Gedney Farm Golf Club” was established, and in 1952, was renamed “Ridgeway”  after an ownership change.  The club would eventually feature tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a large clubhouse/dining hall that was the setting for weddings and bar mitzvahs.  The tough recent economic climate led to a drop-off in membership, and FASNY purchased Ridgeway in January for nearly half of its original asking price.

FASNY is still awaiting approval to build a $60 million campus on the 129-acre space, which would consolidate its campuses in Larchmont, Scarsdale, and Mamaroneck.




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