New PGA/USGA Initiative Aims to Make Golf Easier/More Fun

The PGA and USGA think golf has become too hard for the average hacker.  So they’re making a friendly suggestion that you…ahem…reconsider which tees you are playing from.

In a recent press release, the two governing bodies are offering their “support” for  a “new national intiative” called “TEE IT FORWARD,” from July 5-17 that encourages golfers to play from “a set of tees best suited to their abilities.”  Shortening the course will “produce…more enjoyment…and maximize the golf experience.”

Here are the tees that the initiative recommends you play, based on your typical driver distance:

Driver Distance Recommended 18-Hole Yardages
PGA Tour Player 7,600-7,900
300 7,150-7,400
275 6,700-6,900
250 6,200-6,400
225 5,800-6,000
200 5,200-5,400
175 4,400-4,600
150 3,500-3,700
125 2,800-3,000
100 2,100-2,300

The press release explains that this will result in more “approach shots with 6 and 7-irons instead of hybrids and long irons…fewer overall shots, shorter distance traveled on each hole, and potentially, fewer lost balls.”

The two organizations have also made the calculation that “the 6,700-yard course that many amateur golfers play today is proportionally equivalent to a PGA Tour player competing on a course measuring 8,100 yards — 700 yards or more longer than a typical PGA Tour layout.”

My friends and I bicker over which tees to play from nearly every round – they often accuse me of being “macho” because I suggest we play from the longer tees.

But all bravado aside, this “TEE IT FORWARD” initiative makes sense: this game is difficult enough as is, and if you can’t enjoy yourself out there, what’s the point? Making golf easier and more fun would lead to fewer thrown clubs and temper tantrums – which are silly coming from an amateur (particularly those who don’t practice five hours-a-day like the pros do and can’t be expected to play similarly).

So kudos to the PGA/USGA for putting in writing that people should lighten up a bit and be a little more realistic about their abilities.  The July 5-17 dates are just a guideline:  this idea should be considered by all golfers, at all times,  going forward.

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One Response to “New PGA/USGA Initiative Aims to Make Golf Easier/More Fun”

  1. GolfGirl says:

    It’s an idea that makes so much sense but one that’ll certainly be a hard sell. The vast majority of guy’s I know play from the wrong tees for their game… and they know it, they rarely ever make pars… but they still don’t want to play from the forward tees. And if they did, clearly they’d be making pars regularly … birdies… even. But they somehow feel like it’s not legitimate and they want nothing to do with it.

    It’ll be interesting to see if people warm up to it. (*-*)?

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