Power Rankings: Best Westchester County Public Courses

Let’s face it:  compared to Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey, Westchester County has the least appealing offering of daily fee golf courses.  Most facilities feel like they haven’t been updated since the late ’80s – chewed-up fairways, creaky clubhouses, worn down greens.  Also, I’m pretty sure the county’s “Golf Westchester” website ( golf.westchestergov.com) hasn’t been revamped since it was created for “Netscape” (remember that?).  That said, with Hudson Hills technically a part of the County’s system (even though it’s managed privately by Billy Casper Golf), it does carry one of the area’s best in its bag.

Without further ado, here are the rankings:

1. Hudson Hills – far and away the favorite – spectacular layout, gorgeous views, and always in excellent condition.  A bit on the expensive side, particularly for non-residents ($115 on weekends), but Casper’s group runs this place well.

2. Mohansic Nice setting, interesting layout, and some pretty scenery

3. Maple Moor Fine for a last-minute booking and fairly solid – but generally nothing special (see my review from 5/8).

4. Saxon Woods – Good layout but OY VEY is it slow and soggy (worst drainage system I’ve experienced).  Avoid on weekends and the days following rain.

5. Sprain Lake – get ready to be sprayed by sprinklers and curse at ridiculous hole layouts (click here for my review).

6. Dunwoodie – the Cadillac of poor golf – long waits, awful maintenance.  You’ll lose your patience by the fifth hole (full review from 4/11 here).

What do you all think?  Send me your rankings…

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