Lido Golf Club – Lido Beach, New York Guru’s Rating: 6.2

Guru’s Rating: 6.2
LIDO 4-1-1
255 Lido Boulevard Lido Beach, NY ViewMap »
Phone: (516) 889-8181
Non-Resident Weekend Rate (with cart): $64
Driving Range? Yes

A terrific links golf course with breathtaking ocean views, a renowned designer, an on-site driving range, reasonable rates, and a location convenient to Manhattanites and Long Islanders.  Those are the pluses of Lido Golf Club.  My goal with this website, though, is to give you the complete story of a golf course, particularly the overall experience.  And in my book, pace of play is an enormous factor in the enjoyment of a round.  I abhor waiting endlessly to hit, sitting through multi-group backups on certain holes.  It destroys your rhythm. It bores you. It is not fun.  I think you see where I’m going with this:  Lido’s pace of play flat out stinks.  In fact, it’s SO bad, that it overshadows all the good things about the course.

I’ve played Lido three times and have never finished a full round in less than five-and-a-half hours.  To me, that’s unacceptable.  One of those times, my friends and I teed off at 1pm and were standing on the 16th tee when it became too dark to hit.  “Yikes” is right.

So why the extreme backups and snail’s pace?  After all, it’s not like Long Island has a dearth of terrific public courses – Bethpage and Eisenhower, to name a couple – in close proximity.  It’s possible that Lido is just poorly managed and course rangers need to be more active in shepherding the shanking masses.  But I tend to think it’s the view of the surf that draws big crowds.  A Robert Trent Jones “masterpiece” situated on the Atlantic?  Who wouldn’t want to ride that wave on a gorgeous afternoon?  Yet perhaps because Lido is so attractive and popular, management should consider reducing the number of tee-times and not stuffing every last man, woman, and child who wants to play onto the course (tee-times are a cinch to book on Lido’s website).  Of course, that would mean less money and alas…I digress.

Most Memorable Hole:  “Right now there are six-hundred Titleists that I got at the driving range in the trunk of my car. Why don’t we drive out to Rock-a-Way and hit them———–(extremely excited) into the ocean!”     – Kramer

Dating back to the game’s birth, when links courses were created by the tide and the wind along the coast of Scotland, there has always existed a mystic connection between the ocean and golf.  In the Tri-State area, it’s a rarity to experience this magic, but you can do so at Lido, notably on holes 5 (175 yard Par 3 from the back tees), and 13 (436 yard Par 4).  Both holes lie directly along the Atlantic Ocean, and needless to say, are a pleasure to experience.   Water comes into play on a few other holes as well, courtesy of the Reynolds Channel.

Most Challenging Hole: #16 is Lido’s “signature” hole, a 487 yard Par 5 that requires not one, but two shots to carry two separate water hazards.  The fairway is split in two, with the left side being the safer play.  If you go right and make it across the Channel (about 180-200 to carry and just about 70 yards ahead of that before the fairway ends), you’ll still have another large body of water to shoot over.

Guru’s Tip:  Due to the unbearably slow pace of play as described above, I would strongly recommend that you only play this course on a Monday through Thursday.  Weekends are obviously tedious at any public course, but Lido is a large heaping of molasses on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Bottom Line: Fun, unique course that sadly loses major points by taking away one thing each of us values:  time.

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3 Responses to “Lido Golf Club – Lido Beach, New York Guru’s Rating: 6.2

  1. Robert Casper says:

    It’s not along the Atlantic. It’s on the Northern side of the penninsula. Everything else you report about Lido is spot on though.

  2. AJD says:

    Agreed. Definitely not the ocean. It’s Reynold’s Channel. And it’s not all that great of a view. Definitely not enough to keep people sightseeing and playing slow. If it WAS on the ocean, that would be pretty cool though.

    The course moves slow primarily because it’s fairly difficult with many hazards and most who play there are casual.

  3. george says:

    its by far the best links golf course in nassau county . played it last week in 3 hrs , 2some ,,,, very challenging but fair

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