Sprain Lake Golf Course – Yonkers, New York Guru's Rating: 3.9

Guru’s Rating: 3.9
290 East Grassy Sprain Road Yonkers, NY ViewMap »
Phone: (914) 231-3481
Non-Resident Weekend Rate (with cart): $63
Driving Range? Yes (wiffle balls)

Sprain Lake gets a slight nod over its Yonkers neighbor, Dunwoodie, because it actually surpasses 6,000 yards from the tips (barely, at 6110).  Otherwise, problems abound.  Ill-timed sprinklers on greens and tee-boxes send you sprinting to move your cart before it gets drenched.  Fairways are muddy and spotty.  Two or three group backups exist on certain tee-boxes.  The pace of play can be painfully slow.  There are random people FISHING on the course (notice I didn’t call them fishermen)  – and you may even get lucky and have them chase after each other with a flopping fish as you attempt a tee-shot (true story).

We’ll get to the course layout shortly, but first the amenities.  The pro shop and adjoining restaurant/bar are decent – and a halfway house may occasionally not run out of sandwiches by the time you get there (and even serves hard boiled eggs for some strange reason).  There’s a wiffle ball driving range which at least gives you the chance to loosen up.  In the category of “tacky,” however, Sprain Lake charges you for those wiffle balls. Seriously, Sprain Lake? They’re WIFFLE balls that go 30 yards.

Most Memorable Hole: The third:  a 406 yard par 4.  What sticks in your mind is not your tee shot in front of eleven other people (all salty because the first two holes have taken an hour to play). Nor is it the fact that your cellphone just got ruined by the sprinkler on the second hole.  What’s unforgettable is the hole itself – the completely absurd design.  After about 230 yards, the fairway disappears and slopes off into a hill with about a 60 degree decline.   You can’t see the green unless you are almost over the edge of the top of this hill (which you are warned not to attempt to drive down with your cart).  So in all likelihood, your approach, even if you hit a perfect tee-shot is going to be blind (plus, take about 40 yards off because of the slope).  There’s a good chance your approach will kick off a side hill – and since you can’t see where you’re hitting, you may not find it.  The hole is not difficult, but makes no sense – it doesn’t test any golfing skill (besides patience perhaps) and will probably result in you hurling a club (which you should try to aim at one of those annoying sprinkler head, not your friend).  I’ve probably played this hole thirty times in my life and I still have no clue what to do.

Most Difficult Hole: I always have trouble with 11, which is a 347 par 4.  It’s an extreme dogleg right and the tee box is way elevated.  Off-the-tee, you need to place an iron in the fairway.  But  you then face an awkward downhill stance while hitting up towards an elevated green.  Unless you hit the perfect tee-shot, this hole is just uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line: The golf course itself has some potential – you do see “Sprain Lake” on occasion and it’s close to Manhattan – but in general, you should only play here if you have to be in Yonkers for something (and I’d be curious to know what that “something” is).

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